Content Ethics and Revenue Streams at Yarborough Technologies and SpaceRex

At Yarborough Technologies, we are dedicated to providing educational, engaging, and entertaining content centered on technology and its various applications. Producing high-quality content involves significant costs, including the general expenses of running a business. To fund our operations, Yarborough Technologies incorporates sponsored content and utilizes affiliate links, which generate commission. This page outlines our approach to content ethics, especially regarding profit-generating content.

Creative Control

Yarborough Technologies maintains absolute creative control over all its content, including videos, articles, books, and blog posts. This autonomy ensures:

  • No Bias for Profit: We do not offer preferential treatment to any company. All content, including sponsored material, is presented impartially.
  • Independent Reviews: When reviewing products or services, Yarborough Technologies is not influenced by external companies. Reviews are honest and based on our objective analysis.
  • Freedom of Content: We reserve the right to select or refuse any product or company for review, without needing to provide justification.


Yarborough Technologies accepts sponsorships that align with our content and audience interests. Our guidelines for sponsorships include:

  • Relevance and Value: Sponsored products or services must be relevant to our primary content and offer genuine value to our audience.
  • Compatibility with Our Ethos: Products or services must align with Yarborough Technologies’ values and content themes.
  • Right of Refusal: Yarborough Technologies maintains the right to decline sponsorships that don’t align with our standards or audience interests.

In the event of a major negative occurrence involving a sponsored product or service (such as a data breach), Yarborough Technologies will remove all associated content without owing compensation to the sponsor.

Product Reviews

Yarborough Technologies conducts unbiased reviews of various technology products and services. Whether these reviews are initiated by us or requested by third parties, the following applies:

  • Impartiality Guaranteed: Our reviews are honest, highlighting both strengths and weaknesses of the reviewed items.
  • No Liability: Companies providing products for review acknowledge that they do so without any expectation of favorable treatment.

Affiliates and Commission-based Services

Yarborough Technologies utilizes affiliate links in our content to support our operations. These links are:

  • Relevant and Ethical: We only use affiliate links for products related to our content and which we believe are of value to our audience.
  • Subject to the Same Standards: The same ethical considerations applied to sponsorships also govern our use of affiliate links.

Ad Revenue

Yarborough Technologies generates ad revenue through YouTube and other platforms. However, we have no direct control over the content of these ads and are not liable for any negative reactions they may cause. Concerns about specific ads should be directed to the platform hosting the ad.

Content Liability

While we strive to provide accurate and useful content, Yarborough Technologies cannot guarantee the outcomes of following our advice or tutorials. We are not liable for any damages, including data loss or service disruption, which might occur from using our content. Our aim is to educate and inform, but users should apply this information at their own risk.