Create VPN WireGuard Server on RaspberryPi


The $35 RaspberryPi4 can be used to host an always on, WireGuard VPN Server. This allows you to securely connect back to your home network through the VPN tunnel from anywhere in the world.

WireGuard is a VPN protocol that is similar to OpenVPN, but so much faster. In my testing between a WireGuard and OpenVPN Server, WireGuard was able to get about 4 times the performance while hosted on the same RaspberryPi4.



  1. Fully Configured RaspberryPi
  2. DDNS Service (redirects to whatever your home IP is)


Log into your RaspberryPi over SSH

Execute the PiVPN Setup Code

PiVPN Project is incredibly easy to setup as they have written their entire script to be executed with the following script (copy and past into the SSH terminal)

curl -L | bash

From there simply follow the on screen instructions. For more information watch the video up top!


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